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Company Address: A District, No. 131, North Second Village, Shahe Town,Changping District,                   Beijing.

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The company has high-end equipment,superb talent,superb technology,main products include tungsten and molybdenum rods,plate,sheet,wire,crucible,metal target,tungsten and molybdenum deep processing products,according to the customer sent the picture and sample processing.Used in high temperature vacuum furnace,Sapphire crystal furnace,glass,rare earth,photoelectric,semiconductor,medical care,petrochemical,aviation and other industries.Our product quality has obtained excellent evaluation and continued recognition of the majority of domestic and foreign manufacturers and customers .

Company in a professional, focused for the idea, and pursuing a "quality first, the credibility of the first" principle. We would like with the majority users to establish a win-win strategic partnership and wholeheartedly for the majority of users.