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Physical vapor deposition

Physical vapor deposition

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The physical vapor deposition technique means that the material source-solid or liquid surface is vaporized into a gaseous atom, molecular or partially ionized into ions under vacuum conditions, and a special function is deposited on the surface of the substrate by a low pressure gas (or plasma)process Film technology.

Physical vapor deposition usually has the following three process steps.

1. The material (target) grown is converted from solid to gas in a physical manner.

2. The vapor of the growing material passes through a low pressure region to the substrate.

3. The steam condenses on the surface of the substrate to form a film.

Physical vapor deposition classification

Physical vapor deposition characteristics

1. Deposited material from the solid material source, using a variety of heating sources or sputtering source of solid substances into atomic state.

2. Physical vapor deposition of the deposited layer is thin.

3. High purity of the coating.

4. The coating is finely organized with good strength with the substrate and bonding.

5. Can be obtained at a lower temperature of a variety of functional films, a wide range of substrates.

6. Can easily control a number of process parameters, easy to obtain single crystal, polycrystalline, amorphous, multi-layer nano-layer structure of the functional film.

7. No harmful gas discharge, are non-polluting technology.

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