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Company Address: A District, No. 131, North Second Village, Shahe Town,Changping District,                   Beijing.

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Tungsten rods
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Tungsten rods
Product Details

Beijing Qianshuo Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd specializes in producing all kinds of black and polished tungsten rods.

We use the company's high-quality tungsten powder, sintered into a good performance of the blank, through forging process forging black bar, and then processed into polished and car tungsten rods, tungsten rods.

We produced the purity of the tungsten rods up to 99.95%, the density can reach 18.8-19.2 grams / cubic centimeter, in the latter part of the use of the product greatly improved the service life.

Specification range:

Diameter(mm)      Length(mm)

2-80                          ≤1500

Packing: As the tungsten bar brittle relatively large, my company uses wooden box packaging, tungsten rod wrapped with moisture-proof paper, box filled with foam filled, to avoid problems in the transport process.

Product use: mainly used for metal smelting for mixing and make point materials, electric light source parts and electronic devices.