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Tungsten tablets
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Tungsten tablets
Product Details

Beijing Qianshuo Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd specializes in producing rolled tungsten tablets.

We selected high-quality tungsten powder, sintered into a good performance of the blank, through a special rolling process into a bright tungsten tablets.

We produced the purity of the tungsten up to 99.95%, the density can reach 19.2 grams / cubic centimeter, in the latter part of the use of the product greatly improved the service life.

Specification range:

Thickness(mm)         Width(mm)     Length(mm)

0.05-1                         100-300                        ≤1000

Packing: As the tungsten brittle relatively large, I use the wooden box packaging, tungsten tablets wrapped with moisture-proof paper, the box filled with foam filled, to avoid problems in the transport process.

Product use: mainly used for tungsten boat, vacuum furnace insulation screen, radiation and shielding.