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Tungsten crucible
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Tungsten crucible
Product Details

Beijing Qianshuo Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd specializes in producing tungsten crucible, my company is pure tungste crucibl is made of pure raw materials, with pure tungsten as the characteristics of sapphire crystal is a long field, rare earth smelting, quartz and melting, high temperature heat treatment furnace important container.It can be used in vacuum or inert gas below 2600 ℃.

Product specifications

Conventional density:17.8 g/cm3~18.3 g/cm3

Special process density:Greater than 18.5 g / cm3.

Tungsten crucible typical size

Diameter(mm   Wall Thickness(mm)    Length(mm)

30-50           8-10                     <1300

50-100          8-15

100-150         10-15

150-200         12-20

200-300         15-20

300-400         15-30

400-450         15-30

450-550         15-30

550-650         25-35

650-750         25-35

Note: All specifications can be machined to meet the high precision requirements of customers.

We produced the process there are four kinds of tungsten crucible for you to choose: powder metallurgy sintering the

overall shape, tungsten tile riveting, tungsten stamping, tungsten Plate spinning.